The Fall of the Crimson Hawk

I Am the Chosen One!

After meeting up with a former Craven militant named Orix, the party pushed forward towards a the city of Darkhosian Deep. During our journey towards the city, Orix had 2 ornate daggers stolen off of his person at night, as well as his scrine stone, which gave him vision of things he wanted to see. Soon there after a fork came in the road, and the party decided to talk the road seemingly more traveled. A stench of sulfur began to affect the mobility of our party, but we managed to make it through with out any deaths. Soon after making it past the stench, we found ourself tripin’ on acid rain. Everyone had individual hallucinations which resulted in a sort term loss of sight for Canide, and a firery pain in the bowels of Orix. These were a result of seeing visions of Mr. Crabhands! A blue Crabby looking character… He was big, and now we have to fight him! We were working towards fighting his Avatars when “The Chosen One” was taken into the clouds. Although said “Chosen One” gave a way two crucial advantage in our fight against Belefaz, We still passed all of the MasterCrafter’s insane (yet fun) riddles.

Who? What? When? Where?

In the first encounter of “Rise of the Crimson Hawk,” we has intercepted a caravan of Craven militants that were transport a wagon full of military plans, a magical cloak, and a magical platinum plate. Nim and Andreakis fell down as if they were dead, when all of a sudden a very ordinary ring fell off of my hand and revived them both. Both men awoke with extreme amnesia, yet after several minutes of talking we were attacked by alot of scorpions. After killing a few of them we ran to safety, taking as many scrolls and military plans as possible (also grabbed the cloak and plate). The town of Stone Hearth had just been captured by a powerful Craven wizard named Scrane, who gave the city to his son Leanith as a gift. Inscribed on the plate was the message “This is a gift to my son Leanith.” We travled back to the city of Keepers Dale, and were attacked by a conjured creature. We were joined by a former Craven member of the name Orix. He had fled for his life when give a letter to deliver which had his death sentence on it.

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